July 13, 2024

Wellness at Work by Kaye Kennedy

Working fitness into the work day can be a challenge. The nature of work is often contrary to healthy living. We sit at computers all day in high stress environments and are plugged in to our Blackberry’s around the clock. Given the amount of time we spend on the job, we need to figure out how to be healthy while doing so. Use these tips to work health and fitness into your day:

Participate in your company’s wellness program. Rising healthcare costs are compelling more companies to implement wellness programs. Such programs are low hanging fruit for employees. They often include educational information on topics like weight loss, smoking cessation, nutrition, and more. You might even score a discounted gym membership or free health screenings that can aid in early detection of health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and such. Often cash incentives are offered to increase employee participation. Consult your human resources department to learn what your company offers. Your inquiry may be the nudge the company needs towards wellness.

Move more. Keep moving throughout the day. Many mistakenly think that working out after work and on the weekends is enough. Being a weekend warrior will not overwhelm the effects of sitting all day. Research shows that sitting for long stretches may be just as bad for your cardiovascular health as smoking. The body goes into metabolic shut down when we sit. It’s much like what happens to our computers when left idle for a few minutes. To combat this, stand up and move every hour. Take calls standing, walk to your boss’s office to discuss business instead of firing off an email and conduct walking meetings. 

Plan your meals.Fuel your body and your mind with a healthy breakfast to keep your energy up and prevent over eating. Keep healthy snacks at your desk like fruit and nuts. Whether you bring lunch or got out, a little forethought goes a long way. Pack a healthy lunch the night before. Grab menus from restaurants near the office and establish healthy “go to” meals.  Staying fit at work boils down to smart choices. Small changes over time can yield big results. Set a small goal like drinking more water and focus on it. Once you accomplish that, incorporate another small goal. Over time, you will achieve lasting lifestyle changes.

Kaye Kennedy is the Director of Corporate Health and Wellness at MBS Wellness. MBS Wellness specializes in creating custom wellness programs for small to mid-size companies that yield measurable results. Contact her at Kaye@mbswellness-sf.com or 1.888.957.9940 x1. Visit www.mbswellness-sf.com and follow MBS on Twitter @MBSWellnessUSA.


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