April 19, 2024

Whatever the Weather by Gen Levrant

Fit in your fitness whatever the weather!

Rain, heavy fog, wind…summer doesn’t always bring pure sunshine. And even if we are blessed with sunshine, the majority of people still spend their days cooped up indoors.

The solution?  GET OUTSIDE ANYWAY!

Walk/Run for Function

It may sound cliché (or you’ve heard it before) but getting out the office and briskly walking around the block even for 10-20 minutes can make even the worst of days better. Your mind will clear and re-focus from physically removing yourself from the environment, your mood lifted from natural daylight and oxygen.

15 minute fat blast: Warm up by walking briskly for two minutes. Repeat the following x 4: 2 minute jog and 30 second sprint. Walk slowly to cool down, finishing with stretching.

Head for the Hills

Hill walks/sprints are a great interval training workout for the heart and lungs, allowing exertion and recovery at your own pace. Try your local park, woods or venture further, making a day of it at the beach or a national park. Vary the terrain: grass, gravel and sand all keep it interesting.

10 minute fat blast: run uphill (or up outdoor steps,) walk down and repeat. Record how many you do – and see if you can beat it next time to track your progress. Great fun for all the family so make a game of it!

DIY Bootcamp

As our Bootcamp takes place outdoors and undercover, our attendees are fortunately always guaranteed fresh air whatever the weather! Try making your own in your garden or local playground. Exercises like press ups and step-ups can be done on benches. Pull ups and mountain climbers can be done on climbing frame ladders.

5 minute fat blast: pick five exercises, one for each minute. Complete as many reps as you can.

Whatever your age and fitness level, these three outdoor workouts; when done with care and patience can create phenomenal results. So if it rains, be your own sunshine!

Gen Levrant is an Advanced Personal Trainer and weight-loss specialist. She runs a private functional training studio in Southampton UK helping people get safe and permanent results. For more info, email gen@fasterpt.com. Follow her on Twitter @PTGen.

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