May 29, 2024

Your Health: Small Changes Stick

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Small changes to health will stick!

Getting healthy does not happen overnight. A common mistake of many attempting to live healthy is doing too much too soon. The result is falling back into old unhealthy habits when times are tough. So how do you stick with it? Make one small change each week and the changes will stick. For example:

Instead of setting a goal to exercise 5 days a week, commit to 3 days.

Instead of vowing to give up all sugary foods, start by reducing by one serving each day.

Instead of jumping right into a high intensity weight training routine, begin with 2 days a week working the full body.

Take a one-at-a-time approach. Can you reduce an unhealthy behavior by 1? Can you add a healthy behavior by 1?


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