June 16, 2024

7 Traffic Stress-Busters

Does driving have you stressed and tense? Your muscles will benefit from easy stretching once you reach your destination. Try the following upper body stretches to relieve stress muscle tension caused by driving long distance. The following exercises may be done standing or seated. Make sure you’re breathing comfortably through each stretch. For additional stress reduction, pair each move with an inhale and exhale. Stretch to mild tension, not pain. Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise.


1. Lace your fingers behind your body. Slowly extend your elbows, and pull your shoulders down and back. Pull your shoulder blades together.

2. Reach both arms straight up overhead. Keeping your weight centered, slowly reach to your right, then your left.

3. Lace your fingers behind your head and pull your shoulders down and back. Pull your elbows wide.

4. Pull your shoulders up toward your ears. Pull your shoulders down and back.

5. Pull your shoulders down, tilt your head to your right side letting your ear fall toward your shoulder. Repeat tilting your head toward your left shoulder.

6. Pull your shoulders down, rotate your chin toward your right shoulder, then your left.

7. Pull your shoulders down. Keeping your upper back straight, drop your chin to your chest.

Repeat stretches as needed.


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