June 16, 2024

Be your BEST!

You work hard for your fitness! Every workout yields a stronger, healthier and more determined you. Be your BEST fit-self with #HealthyWayMag Fitness Chat every Monday 5pm(Pacific)/8pm(Eastern) on Twitter!


Here’s how it works:
Log onto your Twitter account and follow @HealthyWayMag to view the chat questions. Questions for discussion will be posted as Question 1, “Q1″, Question 2, “Q2″ and so on. Contribute your answer and experience via answers to Question 1 noted as “A1″, designating your answer to Question 2 as “A2″ and so on. Consider our weekly fitness chat as your virtual fitness-club meeting! You’ll chat with other fitness enthusiasts, exchange workout tips and ideas, share your challenges and solutions, and offer accountability and motivation!


Monday October 26, 2015 #HealthyWayMag Fitness Chat Giveaway from Bibs2Bags:
What do you do with your race bibs? Meet Bibs2Bags! Let’s face it, throwing out old race bibs can be painful as each represents a different experience in your fitness and healthy living journey. Now you don’t have to! Commemorate your race bibs into a fun and useful bag. Check out their Custom Crafted Bags made from your running and racing memorabilia.  Upcycle, Repurpose, and Show off Your Accomplishments! Follow them on Twitter @Bibs2Bags for more info!

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