April 19, 2024

Change Up Your Exercise Routine

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Change up your exercises!

If you’ve been doing the same workout for months and months, your body (and your mind) will benefit from unaccustomed exercise. Unaccustomed exercise simply means changing up your exercise routine! Doing so every 4-6 weeks means your body has to adapt to a new stimulus (or load), and this means your body will continue to get stronger. Changing up your exercise routine is also a great method to keep motivation high!

What are different variables in your workout to change?

Change out a specific exercise. For example, trade out a squat on the squat rack to holding two dumbbells.

Change the order of your exercises.

Add in a different workout component entirely. For example, add in a yoga class to your week.

Change up your rest time in between sets.

Change the format of your exercise routine. For example, try circuit training or super-sets.






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