July 13, 2024

Creating a Positive Exercise Experience by Zachary Fiorido

How often do you say to yourself “I’m too tired to finish this sprint” or “I don’t feel like doing that exercise” Chances are you have. We are only human. So, how do we get past those days when during your workout you just don’t want to do that extra rep or mile?

Here are 3 ways to creative positivity in your workout:

Become aware of your thought patterns. Are you even aware of when you begin the negative thought patterns that zap your energy and motivation during exercise? Stay present and learn your self-talk patterns to control your mental focus. Changing negative thoughts into positive actions is essential to a healthier lifestyle. Thinking positively changes your whole body. You walk taller, smile bigger and elude confidence you never thought you had. Positive thoughts create positive actions that help you live a positive lifestyle.

Change your words. Change your internal dialogue from “I don’t want to work out” to “I want to work out because it makes me feel good.” Or “I want to work out because it decreases my stress.” Adding a reason why you want to (not why you should be) forces your mind to focus on the benefits, what you’ll gain from working out. Benefits are positive. Allow yourself to say yes to a workout, and to better health!

Block Negativity. Block out all that negativity that comes to your mind when exercising. When the negative thoughts begin, have a mantra in place to repeat over and over again, until your negativity pattern is broken. For example, “You can do this!” Or “this is the last sprint, no problem.” Or “I’m not tired” also works. Blocking out negative thoughts is a way to push yourself to reach your goals.

Zachary Fiorido is a Fitness Expert, Film/TV Actor, Personal Trainer, Group X Instructor. Connect with Zachary via Facebook:  Facebook.com/ZacharyJFiorido

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