April 14, 2024

Need an attitude adjustment?

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Need an attitude adjustment? GO WORKOUT!

If you’re looking for a way to improve your mood, change your perspective or simply adjust your attitude, look no further than your workout. Exercise forces deep breathing due to the effort required. The result of deep breathing is stress reduction and a brain chemical mood boost. Exercise also brings emotions forward that need to be processed. Further, exercise clears your mind, allowing creative solutions to challenges to come to the forefront of our thinking. So, next time you find yourself grumpy, in a negative space or with a poor perspective, GO WORKOUT and enjoy the exhale!


Get Your Mindset Right

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Mindset Matters!

Emotional wellness is just as important as physical wellness. If your workouts have been off track, check your mindset. Get your mind right and your body, and your workouts, will follow. Here’s how to get started:

Communicate clearly. What exactly is it you want to accomplish? Be clear.

One action a day. Take one action, behavior or motion toward your goal each day. Taking regular consistent action will build momentum.

Review. Ask yourself what is working and what is not working. Be willing to adjust your course along the way.


Creating a Positive Exercise Experience by Zachary Fiorido

How often do you say to yourself “I’m too tired to finish this sprint” or “I don’t feel like doing that exercise” Chances are you have. We are only human. So, how do we get past those days when during your workout you just don’t want to do that extra rep or mile?

Here are 3 ways to creative positivity in your workout:

Become aware of your thought patterns. Are you even aware of when you begin the negative thought patterns that zap your energy and motivation during exercise? Stay present and learn your self-talk patterns to control your mental focus. Changing negative thoughts into positive actions is essential to a healthier lifestyle. Thinking positively changes your whole body. You walk taller, smile bigger and elude confidence you never thought you had. Positive thoughts create positive actions that help you live a positive lifestyle.

Change your words. Change your internal dialogue from “I don’t want to work out” to “I want to work out because it makes me feel good.” Or “I want to work out because it decreases my stress.” Adding a reason why you want to (not why you should be) forces your mind to focus on the benefits, what you’ll gain from working out. Benefits are positive. Allow yourself to say yes to a workout, and to better health!

Block Negativity. Block out all that negativity that comes to your mind when exercising. When the negative thoughts begin, have a mantra in place to repeat over and over again, until your negativity pattern is broken. For example, “You can do this!” Or “this is the last sprint, no problem.” Or “I’m not tired” also works. Blocking out negative thoughts is a way to push yourself to reach your goals.

Zachary Fiorido is a Fitness Expert, Film/TV Actor, Personal Trainer, Group X Instructor. Connect with Zachary via Facebook:  Facebook.com/ZacharyJFiorido

Get Positive by Juli Shulem

We can all find something to complain about rather easily, but where does the complaining lead us?  Stop and think about the amount of energy wasted on negative thinking. Break the negative pattern in two steps!

Step One. Complaining and negative thinking really depletes positive energy, leaving debilitating negative energy. In other words, that which you spend time thinking about is what you will tend to manifest. Therefore, constant complaining could mean you may be bringing depleting energy into your world.

Are you a constant complainer? Ask yourself:

What do I complain about the most?
What has the complaining or negative thinking brought into my life?
Has anything GOOD come from the complaining?
What BAD has come from the negative thoughts?
If I were to become more positive, how would that change things?

Now try this:
Catch yourself being negative!
Notice when you are complaining!

Here’s a quick visual: place a jar on the counter and put in a quarter every time you catch yourself complaining. (Remember the goal is to keep the jar empty!) However, if the jar becomes full, think about donating the proceeds at the end of the month, at least something positive will come from all that negative thinking!

Step Two. Do you have a certain person in your life that exists primarily to listen to your complaints? Release this individual from being subjected to your continued negative thinking. Make it a conscious daily goal to be positive.

Becoming aware of the negativity is the first step to improving your mindset. The second step is to get busy and do something positive!
Contributed by Juli Shulem (jshulem@gmail.com/805-964-2389), Professional Organizing Coach specializing in those with ADHD. www.julishulem.com, Organizing Expert since 1984, and author of the eBook, Order! A Logical Approach to an Organized Way of Life, www.getordernow.com