June 16, 2024

Find a Solution to your Resolution by Chanda Fetter

It seems that year after year, we promise to improve something we know is a challenge for us. For whatever reason, we convince ourselves that this ONE DAY, out of the entire year, is THE DAY things will change. 

The definition of resolution is …finding a solution to a problem; a statement that solves a problem or explains how to solve the problem.

To no surprise, the number one New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight. It’s time to truly find the SOLUTION to your resolution! If getting in shape has been your resolution more than once, don’t you think it’s time? Make 2012 different.

Commit to an Event. Typically the reason people can’t stick to a fitness goal is because there is no defined goal. So, make one! Sign up for something by the end of this month! Consider participating in a Walk for a Cure, climb the Rockies, Ride for a cause, or register for a Sprint Triathlon, just to name a few examples.  Pick an activity you enjoy and get excited about it.

Establish a Plan. Once you’ve chosen an event, create a realistic plan to prepare.  Having a realistic goal with sufficient training will allow you to ease into your activity giving your body time to embrace the new exercise rather than fight it.

Be Accountable. Buddy up with someone or a group, we are 96% more likely to show up if we know someone’s waiting.

Hire a Qualified Professional. We defer to professionals to tune up our cars but for some reason we don’t consider tuning up our bodies as important. Your body is the MOST important vehicle you own! Let a trained professional help you create a plan and motivate you to complete it. This time of year even affords you the best deals to do it!

It’s not a question of whether you CAN do it or WANT to do it, you NEED to do it.  Everything is better when you are living your best healthy life!

Chanda Fetter
IM=X Pilates, Owner

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