July 15, 2024

Fitness, here’s how to stick with it during the holidays!

Get Others Involved. The easiest way to stick to an exercise program is to include other people in your workouts. Friends, family and colleagues can all act as a system of support and accountability during the holiday season. You are be much more likely to exercise through the holidays and reach your fitness goals if you have friends and family work out with you. You can even make things interesting by making a friendly wager to see who amongst you can lose the most weight by January 5.

Try Something New. Exercise should be fun, so use this time of year to try new outdoor activities. Go ice skating, or take a hike through the woods. Even a snow ball fight can be considered exercise, so get creative and involve your friends!

Schedule Your Workouts. Whatever you do, make physical activity an important part of your weekly schedule. You are much more likely to exercise if your workouts are planned in advance, and written into your calendar. Make exercise an important appointment that you cannot miss!

Keep it Simple. This time of year is full of added pressures like decorating, buying presents, and making family dinners. Keep your exercise program simple so you continue making progress towards your goals.

Plan to Cheat. Temptation is everywhere during the holidays, and you should allow yourself the joy of eating delicious food. Plan your most vigorous activities and workouts on the same days as your major social eating events. This way, you will put all those extra calories to good use!

By Derek Peruo, CSCS, CPT

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