July 22, 2024

Group Exercise: Worthwhile? By Sarah Johnson

Should group exercise be part of your fitness plan:

Accountability can be one of the biggest motivators to keeping your exercise routine.  Having someone hold us accountable means another person is expecting us: to show up, to work hard and to not let them down.

You can hold yourself accountable – by making a promise to exercise every weekday morning,or by weighing yourself daily – OR another effective way to stay accountable is to work out with someone else!

Here are just a few ways group fitness classes will hold YOU accountable for your fitness:

Establishes a regular schedule. Group exercise classes and small group training are a great way to establish a regular and safe exercise routine. With an instructor to monitor your form, you can be sure you’re doing each exercise correctly.  Don’t be afraid to ask if you’re not sure you’re performing the movement correctly – the instructor is there to help!

Adds the fun into your workout. Do you like choreography? Dance-based classes are very popular right now.  Not a lot of time? Time will fly in a High Intensity Interval Training class!

Become a class-regular. Once you’ve found a class you enjoy, try to attend regularly.  Introduce yourself to others in the class and the instructor, make new fitness friends – we love learning our members’ names!  Before long, you’ll find that if you have to miss a class, the class will miss you!

That’s accountability – you now have an exercise program to look forward to that’s safe, effective and fun!

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  1. John Pace says:

    Been in a fitness slump lately and my workouts have been very average, after reading this article I plan on trying my first spin class on Thursday. Thanks for posting, great read!

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