July 13, 2024

How to Get Results by Terri Walsh

Countless fitness programs come and go. People find themselves wasting energy and spending unproductive hours at the gym, or worse, sustaining serious injuries. Injuries result from not really being taught how to move properly. There is a method that allows everyone to inherently avoid injury while successfully burning fat, toning muscles and engaging the entire body. More than just another disposable fitness program of the moment, the A.R.T. (Active Resistance Training) Method® was conceived to do just that. The Active Resistance Training Method includes self-adapting moves, deconstructed traditional workout routines that are redesigned into gradually progressive sequences suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts.

This technique is based on four major resistance points in the body relevant in all kinds of physical disciplines. This practice may therefore be applied to yoga, pilates, dance and ballet, kick boxing or any fitness and boot camp program. Utilizing your own body weight and minimal space, along with optional basic aids such as yoga blocks, a chair, a mat and small free weights, anyone can do the A.R.T. Method®. An introductory technique study starts off with the most basic moves such as a Plank.

The Plank is great way to develop arm strength. Assume a face down push up position. Arms and feet extended straight down to the floor. Make sure your shoulders are pressed toward your hips. Pull up your navel and exert as much pressure you can against the floor. Now, hold that position for about 30-60 seconds.

The Plank may be used as an interval position between several A.R.T. Method progressions. For example, to progress the Plank: Extend your left arm out and lift your right leg up while maintaining the opposite two on the floor. Alternate for 20 counts on each side.

Repeated several times, this teaches you how to exert pressure on the floor with your feet and hands at the precise moments while creating coherence with all your body’s active resistance points.

Make the decision to get fit! Every health and fitness success story begins with a small decisions made today. Unfortunately, many are often overwhelmed by what they want to accomplish overall, that they lose sight of this simple fact. Modern lifestyles are complicated by the notion that each compartmentalized facet of health and fitness has to be dealt with separately. However in reality, the foundation of living consists of being healthy and fit and remembering that our body works as one chain of movement. So, whether it’s being able to do your best work in your career for example, or looking great in your clothes, overall well-being stems from establishing that foundation of knowing how to move correctly. It is this principle that is at work in the A.R.T. Method®. Pulling together the different parts of your body through the active resistance points into a unified entirety gives you the ability to achieve things you may have otherwise thought unattainable.

Terri Walsh, http://www.artmethoddvds.com. With over two decades of experience as a professional celebrity fitness trainer, author, fashion and beauty expert and multi-media spokesperson, Terri Walsh has always blended an assuredly reliable knowledge of fitness with an innovative flair and a personal understanding of the modern woman’s lifestyle. Recently, she launched the groundbreaking and innovative A.R.T. Method® as a way to provide everyone with the means to move their bodies optimally to get the best results out of any physical activity or discipline from dance, yoga and pilates to different fitness programs.

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