May 29, 2024

Put the Fun back in your Fitness by Tanja Djelevic

Finding an activity that you think is FUN will help you stay motivated with your workout. Here are a few suggestions…

Join a Group! Take a new CLASS that will challenge you physically as well as force you to move out of your shell! Any dance class is sure to do the trick! Check out for example, African dance, ballroom or salsa dance class! Bring your best friend to double the fun – definitely a great setup for a few laughs!

MUSIC! Load up your MP3 player with songs that are connected with great, fun memories, and krank up energy during your run or weight workout! Try a theme playlist, for example a playlist of 80s favorites like WHAM, Spandau Ballet and Depeche Mode! For a great interval weight workout, do 2-minute dance intervals to the tunes of your favorite music.

Pick a childhood GAME and play it with your friends! Think hopscotch, tag, jump rope, hula hoop, kickball, Marco Polo (if you are in the pool), or anything else you enjoyed as a child. For example, try the childhood schoolyard game known as Twist. There are ten different ways to jump over a long rubber band, and whoever jumps the highest wins.

Add in a little friendly competition. SIGN UP for a Mud Run or Warrior Dash race with a group of your friends. These races are often short and attract all sorts of people who want to have fun and be challenged. Dress in outfits or costumes, or form a team choose a team name and get matching shirts printed. Then get out there and get dirty together!

By Tanja Djelevic. Tanja holds a Masters Degree in Psychology, specializing in Stress Management Therapy and Behavioral Life Coaching. She is a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) and has fitness certifications from Reebok, AFAA, ACE, Powerhouse Pilates and C.H.E.K Institute. Tanja’s workouts are known throughout Los Angeles as energetic and inspirational. She has worked with a myriad of celebrity clientele including Matt Dillon, Pink and Rachel Weisz.  Connect with Tanja at

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