May 29, 2024

Relaxation in 3 by Nicole Bryan

Night-Time Stretches for Relaxation

Next time you’re stressed out or can’t relax to sleep, try the following stretches for relaxation. Hold each stretch for 15-30 seconds and continue breathing at your own relaxed pace throughout the stretches.  Perform each stretch two times. (Consult your physician before performing exercise. Discontinue stretching if painful)



1.    Inhale drawing a single knee towards your chest.  Exhale and release the leg to the floor.  Inhale while drawing the other leg into your chest.  Exhale and release the leg to the floor.


2.    Move into the crawl position (on your hands and knees) Inhale rounding your back up to the ceiling.  Exhale let your belly button fall to the floor.


3.    Inhale while in the crawl position; exhale sitting back on your heels and dropping your chest to the floor and reaching your arms forward.


Notice the breathing and movements work together. Focus on breathing in good clean air and releasing your tensions with your breath out. You may simply blank your mind or focus on your breathing. You’ll feel relaxed instantly!

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