May 22, 2024

Your Kinesiology Taping Solution

If you suffer from muscle or joint pain, post-exercise fatigue or nagging injuries, there is help. Your answer is simply one click away. Meet!

Theratape is the leading online supplier of kinesiology tape, the colorful tape that can now be seen at virtually every major sporting event, as well as physical therapy clinics, chiropractic offices and training rooms. Since its debut at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, kinesiology tape has taken both the sports world and the therapy world by storm and is showing no signs of slowing down. This popularity is understandable when you consider that an expenditure of $10-$20 can purchase a product that can provide round-the-clock relief from pain and inflammation for up to 5 days, as well as accelerate the healing process.

Joanne Stapensea, M.Sc., an exercise physiologist and owner of says the benefits of kinesiology taping are many, with the user often experiencing relief and improved function almost immediately. Health and fitness experts agree. Using kinesiology tape can:

Speed Workout Recovery. Whether you work out a few times a week or participate in competitive multi-day athletic events, recovery is key! K-taping increases circulation to those working muscles, which means that more oxygen and nutrients are being delivered and more exercise byproducts like lactic acid are being removed.  The result? Less residual fatigue and muscle soreness and a faster return to peak performance levels.

Decrease Pain. Whether it’s a fresh injury or a chronic muscle or joint ache, kinesiology taping can help relieve the pain. The stretchy tape lifts the skin just enough to reduce pressure on sensitive pain receptors, providing drug-free relief the entire time it is worn.

Keep You Active. Because it provides pain relief and support without restricting range of motion, k-tape can allow people with injuries to continue to train and/or compete as they recover. What could be better than continuing in your sport and healing at the same time?

Correct Muscle Imbalances. Depending on the method of application, kinesiology taping can activate weak/poorly toned muscles or inhibit overactive muscles. This allows it to help correct muscle imbalances and dysfunctional postures that can lead to injuries or performance problems. Better posture means you’re decreasing risk of injury, and working at full functional power!

Wondering how kinesiology tape can do all that? For your own tutorial on how kinesiology tape works click here! was born in the Spring of 2009. “I first saw Kinesio Tape at the 2008 Beijing Olympics on the US beach volleyball gold medalist” explains Joanne Stapensea, Theratape’s owner.  “I started searching for the tape online and had a very difficult time finding it. I realized that if I was having trouble finding it, there were probably thousands of other people in the same boat. That looked to me like a need just waiting to be filled!” she shares. “We now ship worldwide, supplying kinesiology tape to individuals, schools, clinics, hospitals and the military.” is unique because it is the only source for all of the major kinesiology tape brands, varieties, accessories and educational materials. Among the many choices are:

Single Rolls – approximately 16 feet long, great for first aid kits, sports bags and personal use

Bulk Rolls – over 100 feet of tape, ideal for health professionals and athletic trainers

Precut Strips – varying widths and lengths of strips precut into X, Y, I or fan shapes

Precut Applications and Taping Kits – designed for specific body parts, these are perfect for traveling and on-the-go sporting events

Specialty Tapes – gentle or extra-strong adhesive, wide or narrow widths and more

With prices starting at just $8, you’ll find kinesiology taping is a cost-effective option. With so many choices available, there really is a type of tape for every athlete, every muscle and to support nearly every sport or fitness endeavor. However, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, simply drop Theratape an email via

File under extra-cool because they go the extra mile to inspire their customers. In addition to their wide selection of kinesiology tape and supplies, the Theratape Education Center goes one step further to educate health and fitness enthusiasts of the benefits of their products and how to use them correctly. “In the Education Center you can view hundreds of instructional videos and find printable application instructions, all organized by body part” offers Joanne. Especially useful to visitors is their YouTube channel highlighting taping applications for a wide variety of injuries and health conditions. One click and you’ll be a fan as you learn the basics in an easy to follow step-by-step format.

Are you a Health and Fitness Professional? Register in their database to secure your discount here. Order all of your patient supplies in one convenient spot, AND read reviews and reports to stay current on research all relevant to the taping world.

So if you’re looking to recover faster, decrease injuries and improve posture and muscle function, consider giving kinesiology tape from a try. Find all your kinesiology taping supplies and information in one easy to use online location. Join their Twitter and Facebook communities to discover why fellow athletes rave about the benefits of kinesiology tape. Make your kinesiology taping solution!

Boost Workout Recovery and Fitness Performance with RecoFit

Want to recover faster and perform better? RecoFit boasts technical-fit compression gear for not only athletes and fitness enthusiasts, but for those who spend long hours on their feet. Their uniquely designed gear helps you get more oxygen to your muscles, reduce swelling and delay fatigue. Whether you participate in 5K’s, marathons, play golf, tennis, participate in cycling or triathlon just to name a few, appropriate compression gear will help improve your performance and your recovery.

Founder Susan Walton, explains “we are based in Boulder, Colorado, home to Olympic and professional athletes from just about every sport you can imagine.” She continues, “we ask them to try our prototypes and provide feedback for improving their design.” Rest assured, RecoFit products are designed for athletes by athletes.

One athlete who has provided valuable feedback is Patty Peoples. Patty is the 2012 USAT Sprint Duathlon National Champion, 2011 ITU AG Sprint Duathlon World Champion and 4-Time USAT #1 Ranked AG Duathlete. When asked which of RecoFit’s products are her favorite she says, “I have two – the ArmCoolers and the thigh high sleeves (Full Leg Compression.) The thigh high sleeves I use before and after events, as well as sleeping and travelling for big events and high intensity training. The ArmCoolers I wear primarily in warm weather to help keep me my body temperature cooler.” Patty adds, “the first time I wore the ArmCoolers were at the 2012 USAT Sprint Duathlon National Championships when the temperature was in the 90’s!  I never felt overly heated, which enabled me to push harder and be crowned the Overall Female Sprint Duathlon National Champion!”

What makes RecoFit’s compression gear different? RecoFit is the only compression gear that cuts their fabric in a cross-grain process; this means effective compression and no-slip positioning! Their breathable material disperses body heat and moisture, and has a negative ion charge to help oxygenate blood. As an American-made durable product, RecoFit’s specific manufacturing method allows users the exact amount of compression, exactly where they need it most. Several teams have entrusted RecoFit as their official compression sponsor, including the Garmin-Sharp Pro Cycling Team, currently competing in the Tour de France, as well as the MarkAllenOnline Elite Triathlon Team.

According to Susan, RecoFit’s best-selling product is the Calf Compression Sleeve. Susan shares, “its unique design – it is cut and sewn, not knit like a sock – and its carbon-based technical fabric bring fantastic qualities to the sleeves. These are beneficial for both performance and post-exercise to improve circulation, delay fatigue and reduce vibration and swelling.”

If you’re looking for a product to improve muscle recovery, consider their Full Leg Compression Sleeve. Susan explains the benefits of this particular product, “using the same fabric and patterning of the calf sleeves, these extend the support the full length of the leg, to the top of the hamstring and quadriceps.”

So, where did the RecoFit idea originate? “Growing up with four brothers, I had to be athletic to survive!” Susan says. As a self-proclaimed weekend-warrior with years of competing in 10k’s, duathlons and cycling “it was my tendency to suffer from shin splints that got me on the road to compression.” Susan continues “I wanted a solution to prevent them, not just heal from them. And RecoFit was born!”

RecoFit has found another raving fan in Olympic distance runner and an XTERRA Champion, Roberto Mandje. “It’s tough to pick a favorite product” Robert, who has used their products for about 3 years, says. “I’d say it’s between the full leg compression sleeves, which I live in when resting at home between runs, and the calf sleeves. I use the calf sleeves for training/racing as well as in between run recovery. So in short, my favorite product would depend on the level of soreness” he adds. “I’ve noticed that I recovery faster and feel fresher, especially the following day when I’ve slept overnight in the full leg sleeves. I’m able to bounce back from long and tiring training days thanks to my varied use of RecoFit.”

Follow RecoFit’s latest News feed to read about exciting opportunities to join the RecoFit mission. Join their Facebook and Twitter communities as well to view latest products and blog posts. Join the RecoFit movement and let YOUR results speak for themselves!