May 25, 2024

Catch the Spirit of your Fitness

Catch the Spirit of your Fitness!

School is back is session and school spirit is at its peak! Can you say the same for your fitness?

Remember your high school pep rally to gear up for the big game? Put that volume of energy and enthusiasm into your workout! Find your fitness spirit, workout support and exercise community on Twitter with #HealthyWayMag Fitness Chat!

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Thank You to September Fitness Chat Sponsors:

RecoFit. Discover the RecoFit Compression Gear difference for yourself! Their technical-fit and uniquely designed gear helps you get more oxygen to your muscles, reduce swelling and delay fatigue. RecoFit is the only compression gear that cuts their fabric in a cross-grain process; this means effective compression and no-slip positioning! Founded by an athlete, tested on athletes, made in the USA and made for everyone! Contact your compression gear experts via Twitter at @Recofit.

Handana. Handana is an innovative sweatband worn on your hand. They offer a variety of colors and sizes to fit every athlete and every workout outfit! The high performance soft fabric wraps around like a fingerless glove to make wiping easy-you don’t even know it is there until you need it. Find Handana representing at the upcoming Rock N Roll St. Louis Half Marathon Oct. 18th and Rock N Roll Denver Half Marathon Oct. 18th. Follow them on Twitter at @myhandana.

ENERGYbits®. This high protein, low calorie snack gives unlimited energy as it is 100% organic spirulina algae. Spirulina contains as much gram for gram of calcium as milk, as well as containing 5 times more iron than spinach. Easy to carry and convenient to consume before or even during your workout. It’s stomach-friendly and it’s packed with nutrients which means awesome energy for you. Follow them via @ENERGYbits.

Quickpack First Aid. Do you consider first aid during outdoor workouts? You should! And now it’s easy than ever to be prepared and safe. Quickpack First Aid personal kids are ideal for all outdoor fitness enthusiasts as they are 4 inches by 6 inches and weigh only 1.5 ounces. The pack fits easily into your hydration pack or cycling jersey. With your safety covered, you can now focus on your getting an awesome workout. Follow them on Twitter via @Quickpack1.


Boost Workout Recovery and Fitness Performance with RecoFit

Want to recover faster and perform better? RecoFit boasts technical-fit compression gear for not only athletes and fitness enthusiasts, but for those who spend long hours on their feet. Their uniquely designed gear helps you get more oxygen to your muscles, reduce swelling and delay fatigue. Whether you participate in 5K’s, marathons, play golf, tennis, participate in cycling or triathlon just to name a few, appropriate compression gear will help improve your performance and your recovery.

Founder Susan Walton, explains “we are based in Boulder, Colorado, home to Olympic and professional athletes from just about every sport you can imagine.” She continues, “we ask them to try our prototypes and provide feedback for improving their design.” Rest assured, RecoFit products are designed for athletes by athletes.

One athlete who has provided valuable feedback is Patty Peoples. Patty is the 2012 USAT Sprint Duathlon National Champion, 2011 ITU AG Sprint Duathlon World Champion and 4-Time USAT #1 Ranked AG Duathlete. When asked which of RecoFit’s products are her favorite she says, “I have two – the ArmCoolers and the thigh high sleeves (Full Leg Compression.) The thigh high sleeves I use before and after events, as well as sleeping and travelling for big events and high intensity training. The ArmCoolers I wear primarily in warm weather to help keep me my body temperature cooler.” Patty adds, “the first time I wore the ArmCoolers were at the 2012 USAT Sprint Duathlon National Championships when the temperature was in the 90’s!  I never felt overly heated, which enabled me to push harder and be crowned the Overall Female Sprint Duathlon National Champion!”

What makes RecoFit’s compression gear different? RecoFit is the only compression gear that cuts their fabric in a cross-grain process; this means effective compression and no-slip positioning! Their breathable material disperses body heat and moisture, and has a negative ion charge to help oxygenate blood. As an American-made durable product, RecoFit’s specific manufacturing method allows users the exact amount of compression, exactly where they need it most. Several teams have entrusted RecoFit as their official compression sponsor, including the Garmin-Sharp Pro Cycling Team, currently competing in the Tour de France, as well as the MarkAllenOnline Elite Triathlon Team.

According to Susan, RecoFit’s best-selling product is the Calf Compression Sleeve. Susan shares, “its unique design – it is cut and sewn, not knit like a sock – and its carbon-based technical fabric bring fantastic qualities to the sleeves. These are beneficial for both performance and post-exercise to improve circulation, delay fatigue and reduce vibration and swelling.”

If you’re looking for a product to improve muscle recovery, consider their Full Leg Compression Sleeve. Susan explains the benefits of this particular product, “using the same fabric and patterning of the calf sleeves, these extend the support the full length of the leg, to the top of the hamstring and quadriceps.”

So, where did the RecoFit idea originate? “Growing up with four brothers, I had to be athletic to survive!” Susan says. As a self-proclaimed weekend-warrior with years of competing in 10k’s, duathlons and cycling “it was my tendency to suffer from shin splints that got me on the road to compression.” Susan continues “I wanted a solution to prevent them, not just heal from them. And RecoFit was born!”

RecoFit has found another raving fan in Olympic distance runner and an XTERRA Champion, Roberto Mandje. “It’s tough to pick a favorite product” Robert, who has used their products for about 3 years, says. “I’d say it’s between the full leg compression sleeves, which I live in when resting at home between runs, and the calf sleeves. I use the calf sleeves for training/racing as well as in between run recovery. So in short, my favorite product would depend on the level of soreness” he adds. “I’ve noticed that I recovery faster and feel fresher, especially the following day when I’ve slept overnight in the full leg sleeves. I’m able to bounce back from long and tiring training days thanks to my varied use of RecoFit.”

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