May 25, 2024

Are You Appropriate for Your Exercise?

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Be Appropriate!

A component of long term, sustainable, effective exercise means being prepared and appropriate for your workout. Have full knowledge of what’s required from a physical perspective is obviously important for injury prevention, but so is having appropriate gear and clothing from a safety perspective.

Being prepared with appropriate gear, clothing and equipment for your specific exercise mode is key for effectiveness, and for your safety:

Shoes. Does your specific mode of exercise require a specific type of shoes? If you’re unsure, find out. Appropriate foot wear is essential to logging an injury-free workout.

Clothing. Prevent over-heating, chill, or clothing becoming lodged in equipment by knowing what attire is recommended. Ask for details of  appropriate attire for your activity.

Fitness prerequisite. What fitness level is required or recommended for your desired activity? Don’t be a liability for fellow exercisers by attempting a workout that is out of your ability.