July 15, 2024

Master Exercise Form

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Form matters!

Master proper exercise form for an effective workout. Learning how to execute an exercise safely is paramount, and that means learning proper form. This means you should know what muscles you’re working with the exercise and why it’s important to your fitness program.  Here’s how to begin:

Maintain proper spinal alignment during the entire set.

Stabilize your core throughout the range of motion.

Master the exercise without weight first.

Control the entire range of motion on each rep.


Are You Appropriate for Your Exercise?

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Be Appropriate!

A component of long term, sustainable, effective exercise means being prepared and appropriate for your workout. Have full knowledge of what’s required from a physical perspective is obviously important for injury prevention, but so is having appropriate gear and clothing from a safety perspective.

Being prepared with appropriate gear, clothing and equipment for your specific exercise mode is key for effectiveness, and for your safety:

Shoes. Does your specific mode of exercise require a specific type of shoes? If you’re unsure, find out. Appropriate foot wear is essential to logging an injury-free workout.

Clothing. Prevent over-heating, chill, or clothing becoming lodged in equipment by knowing what attire is recommended. Ask for details of  appropriate attire for your activity.

Fitness prerequisite. What fitness level is required or recommended for your desired activity? Don’t be a liability for fellow exercisers by attempting a workout that is out of your ability.



Make TODAY the day you choose fitness!

Don’t put your fitness on hold until spring, make TODAY the day you choose to be healthy and fit! Getting active outdoors all winter long is easy with a little creativity and commitment. Take the opportunity to find a new sport or activity to love. There truly is a type of exercise for every body, every day of the year even with varying weather conditions! Need motivation? Looking for workout ideas? Want feedback on an exercise challenge? 

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Is medical clearance really important? By Nicole Bryan

Is medical clearance to exercise really necessary?

“Obtain a doctors approval before beginning an exercise program.” We’ve all read this, heard this and seen this advisory many times, does it still need to be taken seriously? Yes. Absolutely. 100 percent. Why is medical clearance to exercise or activity in general so important? It’s important for several reasons:

Firstly, things change. We change. Bodies change. Our biology and body chemistry changes. Medical conditions change. It’s important to check in with your medical professional before beginning a new activity, as well as before increasing activity because our health (internal, as well as external health) status may have changed since our last visit. For most of the general population, it’s important to re-evaluate our health status at least once a year. For example, maybe your blood pressure was never an issue in the past. However, with a more sedentary job, higher daily stress and poor nutrition choices due to long work hours your blood pressure could now be elevated. High blood pressure is an example of compromised health that often goes undetected in the early stages, but is considered a serious health risk.

Secondly, generalizations are exactly that, generalizations. For example, youth does not automatically mean healthy. Skinny doesn’t always mean healthy. Another example; competitive athlete doesn’t always mean healthy. Likewise, an avid exerciser doesn’t always mean automatically healthy. Each individual should pursue and manage his or her health as an individual.

Thirdly, underlying conditions can be swept under the rug or disregarded as a symptom of mileage, hard workouts or heavy weights. Heavy exercisers may often feel fatigue, aches and soreness, so if something new arises there is less likely the chance the new symptom will be noticed and therefore tended to. For example, heavy lifting can make us sore in our upper back, neck and chest muscles. However, chest pain, neck and/or upper back pain can also be symptoms of cardiovascular issues.

Re-evaluating our health status is an important component of managing our overall wellness program. Doing so also allows us to tend to issues before they become serious. It’s not a matter of being paranoid; it’s a matter of simply being aware. If something feels off with your body, pursue it. Next time you see, read or hear the phrase “seek medical clearance before beginning an exercise program or activity” take it seriously. In fact, there’s no argument not to. Every smart exerciser is constantly re-evaluating how they feel and how their body is working. Checking in with medical professionals is just another way of managing our wellness.