May 17, 2024

Why Race? Written By Hope Epton

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Why Race? Written by Hope Epton
If you have been on the Internet, you are bound to have seen advertisements for an array of races, in many distances, all over the world. You may also wonder, why would you race? Why would you pay money to do something you can otherwise for free? It’s all about the PLACES.



Race events often allow us to measure how far we’ve come in a particular sport. While we train, we push ourselves, but on race day, there is likely more adrenaline, the crowd, the cheers, we will go harder than usual. If the course is certified, it may give you a better idea of your race pace, and a more accurate reading of your overall time and pace.

There is something to be said for the thrill of race day, coupled with the continued motivation of a packed race schedule. Typically, smaller local 5k’s and sprint triathlons are organized to benefit charities or causes, which may add more of an interest. Signing up for a few races a year, will likely keep you motivated to keep moving all year long, even after the season change and the weather becomes challenging.

Plain and simple, it’s something to do that is healthy and fun. Some events are even family friendly with additions of shorter distances such as tot trots, and one mile runs for kids. It’s an activity that you can look forward to doing, and make a great time of it. Some events may become traditions for the family to participate in, year after year.

What better way to meet like-minded people than to sign up for a race? The event itself will provide positive reinforcement, a place to cheer and be cheered on. You may even find a local club, which organizes additional activities, meet-ups, training clinics and support.

There is something to be said for experiencing something new. The race experience is full of emotions; nerves, excitement, and thrill of the unknown, even if you’ve done races previously. It can also be a useful way to gauge how effective your training has be, and areas you need to improve.

Yes, the most selfish and materialistic reason to race, the swag. A typical race will not only give you a free t-shirt, but a finishers medal as well. These collectibles can be yours to show off, craft into something special, or donate to other programs.

Regardless of your motivation to race, it’s about all about the places you go, the people you meet and the memories you make.
This article is written by Hope Epton. Hope is an ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist.

You will never succeed, if you never try! Check out Hope’s blog:, her Facebook Page:, follow her on Twitter:, on Pinterest:, and Instagram: SportyMomme.

Introducing your Child to Running written by Hope Epton

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Introducing Your Child to Running written by Hope Epton

It seems as if we are waiting forever for our little ones to crawl, walk and eventually run. Once they start, it’s almost impossible to keep them contained. I don’t know about you but there are still times when I see my 2-year-old running, and inside I am cringing, waiting to see if she stops without a face plant.

I started running when I joined the Army at 17, so for 20 years I’ve been pounding the pavement (and occasional trail) for both physical as well as mental health.  If you are passionate about running as I am, you may dream of the day your youngster wants to emulate you. If or when that day comes, you may, as I did, tear up when they ask you for a pair of shoes, specifically for running. About a year or so ago my now 17 year old told me he was going to go out for the track team. I was beyond excited, and still wondered – what took him so long?

So how do you get your child involved in running?

Set the Example: The first step in introducing your child to running can be a simple as being an example. If your child takes an interest in running, why not bring them along? A trip to the track or even a park with a running path, for a short distance run may be empowering and build confidence. Over time, if they stay interested, you can add to the distance. Now, not all kids are going to want to continue to run, some may try it and find it’s not for them, remember to encourage without pressuring.

Make it Fun:  This Thanksgiving I registered my two year old for her first “tot trot”. Sure, it was only 50 yards, but lets face it, that is about her attention span. The important thing at this stage is exposure. Remember the days of kickball or Red Light – Green Light? Most kids don’t realize how much they run just playing, which is where activity habits are formed.  Find a local race or create your own event in your neighborhood. Keeping the atmosphere light and playful may just bud their interest in running purposefully. My son and I did a mud run together, and that I believe is what sparked his interest in running.

Attend a Kids Clinic: If your child is between 4-12 perhaps your local running club/group has a kids running clinic. I helped coach a kid’s clinic two summers ago and it was a lot of fun. Your child can get the basics, building a foundation for safe running. It also helps them meet other children with the same interests.

This article is written by Hope Epton. ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist. Follow Hope on her blog at Or via her facebook page, twitter or pinterest,

Can’t afford to workout? Can you afford not to? By Hope Epton

Can’t afford to workout? Can you afford not to?

The cost of working out depends on the level of luxury one requires in order to actually work out. It seems to be a likely excuse, “I can’t afford a gym membership,” is really no excuse at all.

Granted, in today’s economy we are all cutting back, trimming the fat so to speak, so why not our waist lines as well as our wallets? Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a gym to work your body.  There are a lot of different exercises you can participate in for free or little cost.

Walking for one is an excellent start to any program. It is free; you can do it inside or outside, and requires little equipment besides a comfortable pair of shoes. If you are feeling impatient, you can run or if you are adventurous, take to the trails for a hike.

Swimming is another great way to get a full body workout done without breaking the bank. If you don’t have access to a pool, perhaps a lake or pond will get the job done.

Bike for your workout. Biking, now it doesn’t require a super sleek road bike, but a modest bicycle with a tolerable seat {this varies depending on the individual} and some safety lighting if you are going to be out during the early dawn or dusk times.

Cardiovascular exercise is important, as is strength training. Why not put your own weight to use and do squats, lunges, push-ups and planks. For an added bonus, find objects around the house to assist in adding additional weight or creating a challenge, such as a kitchen chair for dips, or elevated push-ups. 

For a small investment, look into purchasing small items that can add to your workout such as a jump rope, a stability ball, resistance bands, dumbbells or kettle bells. Often in your local retail store you can find coordinating workout videos to assist you if you are new to the workout scene.

If possible, find a friend who will work out with you. Having an accountability partner will not only help you stay on track, but provide motivation, and you can push each other through the times you may want to no-show or quit.

Don’t let the cost of gym membership keep you from exercising. You can workout from home, and you can’t put a price on your health. You can invest in your physical health and well being now, or pay a much higher price later.

This article is written by Hope Epton. ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist. Follow Hope on her blog at Or via her facebook page, twitter, or pinterest,