September 15, 2019

To those who have motivated our healthy living: Thank You!

Has someone in particular inspired or motivated your fitness? Offer him/her a Thank You! A few words of encouragement, an email of enthusiasm or a simply a text offering a Good Luck goes a long way toward motivating one another. As athletes we are instantly a community of friends. We all understand the effort and dedication required to live healthy and fit.

So, contact someone today who has inspired you, motivated you, or provided encouragement on your healthy living journey, and offer these two simple words of gratitude: Thank You.


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2013 Health Trends to Watch by Rachael Roehmholdt

In 2012, you couldn’t read a health-related publication without running across some mention of getting enough sleep at night, the dangerous rise of energy drinks, or how so many women are eating a gluten-free diet – for allergies, sensitivities, or as a weight loss solution.

2013 will usher in a whole new set of trends that will return us back to basics - natural products, tuning in to your body, and being active wherever you go. Let’s take a look at five of these trends that might make their way into your life this year.

On-the-go fitness.
With so many of us using mobile phones and tablets, we’ll continue to see a rise of fitness and health apps to get that workout in wherever you go. We’ll also see a lot more membership based fitness apps (like that you can access wherever you have an internet connection so you can get your sweat on from anywhere.

Love your body at any size.
With the rise of more celebrities embracing their bodies, we’ll see more women taking this to heart as well. As a culture, we’re shifting from the idea that one body size is the right size and seeing that all shapes and sizes have the ability to be healthy.

Personalize your fitness and health programs.
Understanding that no two people are alike, more personalized and custom health and fitness programs will emerge for women. More women will work one-on-one with certified professionals to motivate them to success by creating programs that work best for their bodies and where they’re at in life.

Go au natural.
In 2013, we’ll continue to see more natural and sustainable beauty products hitting the shelves. Many established brands will likely branch out with new lines of makeup, creams, lotions and potions that come from nature and aren’t made with harsh chemicals.

Tune in to your body.
We’ve seen many food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities pop up in recent years, which means women are becoming much more aware of how foods affect them. With that in mind, we’ll see new allergen-friendly brands pop up, as well as established brands work to keep their customers happy with these options.

Many of these trends in women’s health are tried and true, so you can be sure that the ones you choose to participate in will be here to stay well past 2013.

Rachael Roehmholdt is a certified holistic health coach and founder of Be More Healthful. With a passion for good food and living a healthful and balanced life, she believes that small changes to our everyday lives can set us up for a lifetime of health and happiness.

Kick-Off Summer with Encouraging Words that Stick!

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Encouraging Words that Stick!

Kick off your summer by learning from Twitter leaders and fellow fitness enthusiasts as they offer their “the Best Health/Fitness Advice I ever received…” It’s funny how certain words someone shares with you stick. Why do they stick? Because they are true! Treasure the truth and advice that you’ve been given, which have stood the test of time in your life. And better yet pass the advice on to others that are struggling to find a way to add health and fitness into their daily life. Summer time brings with it the ideal opportunity to get healthy, together!

@SmashFit “EAT to get fit. I grew up when it was all about calories and restricting what you eat. Now I know you have to eat the right balance of nutrients to have the body you want. Food is the key to it all.”

@AnnTran_ “Take time to get outdoors and simply walk with nature, enjoying escape from the daily pressures of life.”

@TeamKnightFit “No matter how hard you workout/train, you can never ever out-train a poor diet.”

@CarrieWilkerson “Replace all beverages with water and go to bed 30 minutes earlier.”

@HealthHabits “Treat my body like a science experiment- test, evaluate and re-test.”

@LisaBraithwaite “You don’t have to push to extremes to get a good workout.”

@LeadToday “Eat less, move more!”

@DabneyPorte “Eat mini meals throughout the day to rev up metabolism.”

@tvfitcoach “Fitness improvements should be defined by the journey and positive life experiences you obtain by choosing to engage in exercise, and not by inches and pounds lost.”

@HPSelf “Take responsibility for my own health.”

@MargoDeGange “Modify.”

@themorningfresh “Trust my strength as a climber, and push myself as far as I can.”

@LifeCoachMary “Make every calorie count.”

@FitnessToGo “Always stay a little bit out of your comfort zone. The best results are made when you push your limits.”

@LoudFitness “Eat for performance. If YOU don’t eat to fuel, and recover properly you won’t have 100% success.”

@BobChoat “Focus on health and fitness, and then take consistent action towards it.”

@ZacharyFiorido “Remember that awesome feeling you get when you finish a workout.”

@MamaBritt “If having a hard time getting motivated to workout, hire a trainer or find an accountability partner.”

@CarlaYoung “Wear a pedometer because it serves as a constant reminder to do something every day.”

@Stretchfit “No one ever died in a pool of their own sweat. In other words, don’t be afraid to work hard.”

@MolliePT “Treat each moment as an opportunity to improve your situation, be it fitness (running for the bus), health (taking the stairs), or nutrition (using a free evening to make homemade dinner with leftovers for lunch.)

@bonniepfiester “Don’t eat in one sitting more than you are willing to burn off in one day.”

@RoyaleScuderi “Your body is like a fine-tooled machine, take care of it well, use it frequently and push it to the limit, but not so far that it will break.”

@LoriShemek “Just go do it!”

@endurancejer “The goal is to be the best you possible. The “why” is because you are grateful.”

@Gia “Always keep “spa water” in the refrigerator! (Thinly sliced cucumbers, lemon and oranges.)

@URHealthURChoic “Find an activity that you love! Something you are excited to do. You’ll give more effort and want to be there.”

@YourCoachNicole “Eat food that my body will recognize as FOOD.”