May 25, 2024

Looking for a kid’s activity?

Looking for an activity to do with the kids this summer? Introduce them to cooking! Here’s an easy kid-friendly recipe to get you started:


Healthy Rice Crispy Balls


2 cups all natural puffed rice cereal
2/3 cup brown rice syrup
1/2 cup unsweetened all natural peanut butter, nut butter or sunflower seed butter
2/3 cup pepitas


Melt peanut butter and brown rice syrup in a pot on the stove- do not boil. In a bowl mix puffed rice and pepitas. Pour hot syrup over top and mix in. Form into balls and store in the fridge

Recipe by Shirley Plant- Nutrition Coach and Author of Finally Food I Can Eat Follow her on Twitter via @sherrecipes

Exercise as a Family by Brett Klika C.S.C.S.

We as adults wish to create a future of happy, healthy, disease-free adults with our kids, it’s time we start practicing what we preach.  If we want healthy kids, it’s time for us to be models of a healthy lifestyle.

Our kids model our behavior.  Their attitudes and actions toward everything from nutrition to exercise are shaped by our own actions and behaviors.  If we want our kids to eat well, we need to eat well.  If we want them to exercise, we need to exercise.

The above modeling creates a culture of wellness in the home.  In this environment, children learn that healthy habits are a positive way of life, not punitive novelties sentenced to mom and dad for “eating too much yummy food.”

Exercising as a family is not only a fun way to improve fitness, it’s a way to cultivate the culture of wellness and develop positive exercise habits at a young age.

Below are some fun exercise-based family activities guaranteed to create smiles and sweat!

1.  Sock Play!
Everyone in the family gathers as many of their balled-up socks as they can carry.  An area is selected as the “goal.”  This can be a container or basket in living room, house, backyard, front yard, park, anywhere.  On a “go” signal, everyone tries to throw their socks in the goal the fastest.  The primary rule is you cannot throw from the same place twice.

Each “round” lasts 2 minutes then everyone gathers up his or her socks for 60 seconds.  Five “rounds” is 15 minutes of pretty intense exercise, assuming everyone is moving.   Points can be kept making a goal or basket or any other parameters.  Safety rules appropriate to the environment are established.

2.  Family Boot Camp
Each family member writes down 5 of his or her favorite bodyweight (or weighted, level appropriate) exercises, for a total of at least 20.  Exercises can be dance moves, calisthenics, martial arts, anything physical that the entire family can do.

The family then goes for a walk, jog, or run and every 60 seconds, they do one of the exercises for 30 seconds.  By the end of all of the exercises, it’s been a 20- minute work out!  Feel free to go into overtime!

3.  Hide and Sweat!
The adults in the family write down 20 physical activities on separate small pieces of paper. These are then hid around the house.  Kids are then tasked to find them. When they find them they open them and the entire family performs the activity for the reps or amount of time given.

Putting a time limit on finding all of the activities and doing all of the exercises makes it more interesting!

A family that exercises together stays together!  Create a culture of wellness in your home to help our children grow to become happy, healthy, disease free adults!

This article is written by Brett Klika. Brett Klika C.S.C.S., author of “The Underground Workout Manual- Exercise and Fat Loss in the Real World” ( is a world renowned human performance specialist, motivational speaker, author, and educator. In his 15 year career, Brett has accrued more than 20,000 hours of training with youth, athletes, executives, and every day people. He uses this knowledge and experience to motivate individuals and audiences around the world through his writing, speaking, DVD’s, and free blog, To try the Underground Workout Manual for FREE, visit

Do Fitness and Fun Really Go Together? Flip2BFit says YES!

Who says fitness can’t be fun? Flip2BFit, an award-winning business, is here to show you how to introduce healthy living to the children in your life and have fun at the same time!

Based out of New York City, Flip2BFit’s mission encompasses two areas: education and family-fun. As part of their education outreach plan, they encourage play and fitness during recess, birthday parties and rainy days. Their family-fun focus demonstrates how easily families can get active together, and have fun while doing it! Invite another family over or friends to play along. The more the merrier and more fun as you strategize as a team how to gain the lead!

Flip2BFit offers an innovative new generation of board games that promote areas of fitness such as yoga, cardio, stretching and strength. Founder Heather Parisi explains, “Flip2BFit was created as a platform to bring healthy lifestyles to everyone that plays through the introduction of fitness, nutrition, individual goals, team work, competition and strategy.” She continues “my overall goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle to everyone that picks up the game and plays – realizing that fitness is fun and that you don’t need to go to a gym. You just have to get up and MOVE!”

Their products are eco friendly and made using soy ink, recycled paper and rubber plan extracts. Recommended for all ages 6 and over, these games encompass all areas of healthy living. “Flip2BFit products ensure nutrition, fitness and healthy lifestyle education through the active engagement of having fun” Ms. Parisi explains. As the recipient of the Kidlutions Solutions for Kids Preferred Product Award, Flip2BFit improves self-esteem, leadership skills and confidence through learning about the benefits of movement!

They have a world-wide outreach, as Ms. Parisi shares “my games are used here in the US as well as in Uganda (as shown in this YouTube video clip) promoting a fun way to live and learn about healthy lifestyles and forming a bridge between first and third world countries showing that fitness and health are achievable by anyone and everyone if they are educated and opened up to the concept.” How children view fitness and physical activity has drastically changed over the years, “kids don’t understand what nutritional foods are or what the value of exercise and all components of a healthy lifestyle are – they spend all their time exercising their fingers and minds forgetting to move their bodies. Overseas kids are lacking in education and nutrition and don’t understand that muscles need to be used in order to have a strong body to fight disease” says Ms. Parisi.

For under $35.00 parents can end the days of “I’m bored!” from your children once and for all. Their two best selling products are the Flip2BFit®-Fitness in a Box and Bakari:

Flip2BFit®-Fitness in a Box is a new kids fitness game. No equipment or experience is required; simply give the wheel a spin and pick a card. Participants either complete an exercise together as a team or as individuals. Kids will now associate moving their body with fun, laughter and silliness! They’ll complete tasks such as jumping jacks and running in place for cardio. Sit ups, lunges and planks for strength tasks. Stretching challenges include such moves as arms circles and toe touches, and the yoga tasks include childs pose and downward dog just to name a few!

Bakari is a memory game with a fitness twist. The word Bakari is a Swahili word that upon translation means “one who will succeed.” Empowerment even exists in the name of the game! Participants earn points by matching two physical activity cards, and then completing their tasks. An entertaining fitness and mind challenging game, you’ll improve your memory at the same time.
EVERY parent and educator should know about this innovative proactive company, as it does not disappoint! Their games make thoughtful gifts for your favorite teacher. Here’s what just one of their many fans has to say. Luke Mohatt, Camp Director at Oasis in Central Park, New York raves “Flip2BFit and Bakari were invaluable assets for our campers and counselors this summer. Whether it was for a rainy day activity, during arrival and dismissal, or for an entire activity period these games got our campers up and moving in a way that was fun and educational! We absolutely LOVED the healthy eating tips that went along with the game play. It was so successful this summer that we actually implemented it into our after school programs this year as well!  Thanks for making these great products that are enjoyed by kids and grown-ups alike!”

Follow them on Facebook, on Pinterest, and on Twitter for all updates and new product info!

Introduce the children in your life to the many benefits of living healthy! Flip2BFit offers board games and products that will encourage, empower and get your kids active…and loving it!

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