May 25, 2024

Running 101 by Kristie Cranford

So you’ve decided to become a Runner, how do you begin?

There is nothing more exciting and energizing than waking up one morning and deciding, today is the day you’re going to make the leap and add the title “runner” to your resume of life. Here are some important tips to get started:

Talk to your doctor. As with the start of any physical activity, make sure your body is as ready as your mind. Get a physical. You need a healthy foundation to begin.

Get properly fitted for shoes. Go to a local running specialty store and get properly fitted. They will watch you walk across the floor. Some will even analyze your gait on a treadmill. Good fitting shoes are crucial. Remember, running shoes are equipment, not an accessory. Don’t just go out and buy a pair of shoes just because they look “cool.”  Be prepared to spend $100-$125 (average) for a high quality pair of shoes.
Eat right. Your body is a fine tuned machine, don’t put the wrong fuel in it. Just because you are running does not mean you can eat everything and anything you wish. Eat clean, and remember you can never have too many fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Don’t buy a whole new running wardrobe. Ditch the cotton (it will weigh you down) and wear clothing with moisture wicking fabric that will take the moisture away from your skin. It’ll take time to learn what works best for you during a run. Get a couple shirts and shorts to start and build as you find what is comfortable and suits your needs and running style.

Wear sunscreen. Sunscreen should be something you put on every day just like your clothes.

Experiment. Running for fitness is a learning experience. What works for your friend will not necessarily work for you. There are so many different shoes, energy gels, etc on the market. Be open to trying out different products and gear, and don’t get discouraged if something doesn’t work for you. Keep experimenting!

Distance before speed. Work your way up to where running 30-40 minutes continuously is manageable before even thinking of adding speed work.

Find a support group of running buddies. Non-runners simply won’t relate and may not be interested to hear your constant chatter of races, energy gels, shoes, etc. Find a friend, buddy, social media group with whom to chat up running. The support, camaraderie, and motivation in the running community is like a big happy family. Your support group will cheer you on and lift you up.

Running is a fun and challenging workout! Enjoy the experience.

Written by Kristie Cranford, CPT. A wife, mother, cancer survivor and competitive athlete, Kristie is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Running/Triathlon Coach for PRSFit Nation. Living in Las Vegas, she is the Chair of Long Distance Running for USATF-Nevada Association, a Coolibar sponsored athlete, and Raw Elements Sunscreen Ambassador. Contact Kristie via email, Or via the web on and