May 28, 2024

Are you having FUN?

YES, your fitness should be FUN!

Laugh, run, play, act silly. Why? Because it’s FUN and having fun is motivating! If you’re not enjoying your workout (at least most of the time), change it!

Put the FUN back in your workouts: Join #HealthyWayMag Fitness Chat on Twitter every Monday at 5pm(Pacific)/8pm(Eastern)!

Simply log onto your Twitter account and follow @HealthyWayMag to participate. Questions for discussion will be posted as Question 1, “Q1″, Question 2, “Q2″ and so on. Contribute your answer and experience via answers to Question 1 noted as “A1″, answer to Question 2 as “A2″ and so on.

Interact with others, chat, exchange ideas, training tips and have fun!


Monday August 17, 2015 #HealthyWayMag Fitness Chat Sponsored by Swagtastic Virtual Race:

A virtual race is an organized event held online. The benefits? Participants can join in from all over the country, and you race on your own time and schedule. Join Swagtastic Virtual Race and run or walk to benefit Medals4Mettle, and you’ll receive a swag bag filled with over 20 health, fitness and endurance products! Choose from 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon and complete your miles between October 9, 2015 and October 12, 2015. Self-track your time and your miles. Virtual races are a great way to connect with fellow fitness enthusiasts, put a goal to your workouts and support a non-profit group all at the same time. Join in the fun on Twitter, @SwagtasticRace. Registration is OPEN!