June 16, 2024

Health and Fitness Blogs to Follow- next up

Our fourth installment of our Health and Fitness Blogs to Follow series. Take a look and consider adding it to your go-to healthy lifestyle motivation list:

“If I can do it, you can do it” says blogger and runner Chris Stetler. Chris is the founder of blog Never Trade What You Want The Most For What You Want Right Now. Now in its sixth year, you’ll find posts on healthy living topics across the board. “I would like to think I am an example of someone who doesn’t fit the running mold- I’m not fast, I’m not thin, I’m not going to come in the top three rather I’m worried I’ll come in last. But I go out and try” explains Chris. She writes about all things related to running, fitness, healthy eating and posts about three to five times each week.

Chris began her blog as a way to document her health and fitness goals. She especially enjoys the interaction from her readers. “They give me a new perspective on things, ideas on how to improve, or just showing me someone cares” shares Chris. Her blog has expanded to include race reports, weekly happenings, and workouts, just to name a few. People of all ages and fitness levels will relate and find support in her posts.

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