May 29, 2024

Health and Fitness Blogs to Follow, the final in our series

Here’s the final installment in our series, Health and Fitness Blogs to Follow. Often in reading about what motivates others to stay healthy, how they overcome setbacks, ideas how to balance family and fitness, we will find the answers to our own healthy living challenges. Consider adding this one to your list of blogs to follow:

Motivated after her first race in August of 2012, Evelin started her blog, EvelinRuns. As a runner, and after following other blogs about running, “I saw it as a chance to share my story and connect to other passionate runners out there” explains Evelin. She continues “it has been a wonderful way to share motivation and inspiration with others, but also to be inspired by other runners!”

Fellow runners will be empowered after reading about her journey of logging miles, as well as reading gear and race reviews. Posting 1-3 times each week, simply put, Evelin writes about her love of running. Check out one of her favorite posts and you’ll reap the benefits of her enthusiasm.

If you’re looking for weekly motivation to lace up your running shoes and head on out for a workout, sign up for her automatic feed here. You’ll enjoy “getting to know more about what life is like as a Swedish runner living in beautiful and sunny Hawaii” as Evelin says.

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