April 21, 2024

3 Reminders for your Next Workout

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3 Workout Etiquette Reminders

Your workout is exactly that, YOUR workout.  Pick up after yourself and clean up your area when done . Here are 3 etiquette reminders next time you’re at the gym:

Rack your weights! Please take your weights off the bars, off the machines and up off of the floor when done. Place them on their proper rack, so others don’t risk injury lifting weights that are too heavy just to clean up your mess.

Take turns! Allow another exerciser to “work in” a set on your rest interval if possible. If you notice someone waiting, please offer a work-in set to make the best use of everyone’s time.

Put equipment back where it belongs. Wandering around the gym floor looking for equipment is a waste of time. Please return equipment like safety collars, different attachments and rack pads to their proper place.




The Right Gym by Jennifer Austin

So you’re ready to join a gym, but which one? There really is a workout location for every personality from big health clubs to small private personal training studios.  However, it may be so overwhelming it is difficult to know where to begin. Begin with what you want in a workout facility. The first consideration is answering the question, “what type of fitness experience do you want?” Knowing this right from the get-go will insure you actually use the facility!

A larger healthy club facility will offer amenities to make your exercise experience luxurious, stocked locker rooms, maybe a pool, a wide variety of classes and instructors, as well as offering a social calendar or family focused events. A smaller studio may allow more individual attention specific to your workout goals, more private space, more control over the environment such as music, parking and changing facilities, along with less used and less crowded equipment. And there are many options in between. So which is right for you?

Atmosphere. Choosing the right atmosphere is critical when joining a facility. Remember a goal of healthy living is to decrease stress, so if you’re going to become grumpy with music blasting, you’re really defeating your purpose. Answer the following questions: Do you like to exercise when it’s quiet or do you like music? Do you like to be around others when you exercise? It’s safe to assume all workout facilities will be busy in January. Most people are able to exercise before work hours, about 5am until 8am and then again after work hours, about 5pm until 8pm. If the facility you’re considering offers childcare, assume it will be busy during those hours as well. So, if you’re one who likes to exercise alone, make sure you can exercise in the afternoon hours where you’ll have more space all to yourself or choose a smaller facility with fewer members and less traffic in general.

Equipment. What’s the primary equipment you’ll use? Large facilities will have lots of options making having to wait for equipment a non-issue. However, if you’re working toward a particular goal or event, a smaller facility run by Fitness Professionals will allow you space and resources to be as specific as you need and require.

Amenities. Will you need access to changing facilities? Do you need childcare services? Will you bring your own towel or do you prefer to pick up one there and then leave it as you exit? Would you like food and drinks available for purchase? Is paid parking or simply adequate parking a consideration? Are you interested in a health club social scene like seminars, outdoor or off-site workouts or weekend social gatherings? Do you want a space to lounge and chat before and after your workout? A larger health club in many cases offers social activities and they often have food available. Smaller locations may have limited showers and changing facilities, both important considerations if you’re on a tight timeline pre and post workout.

Classes. Do you like the social aspect of working out? Do you like the variety a group fitness schedule offers? Do you like a rotating schedule of classes? If you are not interested in a group workout and are happy doing a solo workout, choosing a location that doesn’t offer classes may be more economical.

Getting what you want out of your exercise experience, means you need to be clear on what kind of exercise experience you want!  It’s your healthy living plan, so make it work for you.

Manners Matter: Year-Round Gym Etiquette by Sarah Johnson

Yes, this is the time of year when gyms seem to quadruple their memberships overnight. The regulars, the newbies and the ‘resolutioners’ are all back in full force.

So now is as good a time as any for a friendly ‘Gym Etiquette’ reminder.


1. Share. If someone asks if they can work in a set on the machine you’re using, let them. And while waiting, do a set of push-ups or squats! Be efficient!

2. Be patient. When waiting for a user to finish their treadmill run, please don’t hover over them until they step off. Give them a chance to finish their workout, cool down and clean the equipment.

3. Wipe it down! On that note, clean up after yourself. Grab a towel and spray bottle or wipe, and make sure the next person using the equipment doesn’t have to see your sweat as proof of your efforts.

4. Smile. And finally, there will be plenty of brand-new exercisers out there using YOUR machine or standing in YOUR spot in the group ex room. Be friendly and welcoming: smile, show them where the dirty towels go, and remember you were once the newbie too.

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Gym Common Sense by Nicole Bryan

Are you a liability to fellow exercisers?

Shoulders back! Abs in! Chin up! Hips back! You hear constantly about proper body mechanics during your workouts. You can read about the proper progression of a squat and about how to make sure you’re doing this correctly and that effectively. However, if you’re a danger to yourself or others in your workout area, proper spinal alignment is a mute point.

Are you guilty? Using equipment incorrectly is a waste of time and energy. The danger and threat of injury (sometimes serious injury) should be obvious, but yet walk into almost any fitness center and you’ll see it. Don’t be caught doing these serious misjudgments.

Not using collars on plate and bar racks. So you’re doing an overhead shoulder press and your right arm gives out. Over goes the bar with the plates sliding off, and you are pulled sideways in tow. Anyone else in the vicinity may lose a toe or foot!  Use the weight collars provided and lock up the weight. If they aren’t visible on the floor or stacked on top of a weight tree, ask the staff.

Lifting heavy without a spotter. Accidents happen. Sometimes you’ll reach fatigue faster than we expected. If you get stuck, the spotter is there to help. Line up a spotter before the sets begins. You’ll save your body from an unexpected slip, and your ego from having to shriek for help.

Uncontrolled free weights. Bouncing the free weights around uses momentum, not muscle. It increases your chance of injury and defeats the purpose of your workout. Ever been standing next to someone facing the mirror and without warning they swing the dumbbell up and out to the side of their body? It’s unsafe for you with the possibility of getting knocked in the head and ineffective for them as their deltoids are screaming in agony!

Being unaware of your space. For example, you pick up a kettlebell and begin your exercise, without noticing the person who is stretching on the floor a few feet to your right. She has her eyes closed to focus on her stretch and now you’re swinging the kettlebell over her. If your grip should slip, or if she gets up quickly she could be seriously injured. Simply asking a fellow exerciser to share space will eliminate any confusion.

Not knowing how certain equipment should be used. For example, using a bosu ball flat side up when it’s clearly marked on the base of the piece that it is not intended for using that way. Another common example is using a stability disk that’s inflated to the max when you’ve never done balance work before. Loading up with dumbbells, the first few reps may go off without a hitch, but what happens when your friend walks by and distracts you. Over you go, landing on whomever is nearby.

Be proud you’re doing something healthy, but let’s face it sometimes space is tight during peak exercise hours. When you’re sharing workout space, be safe and smart. Pay attention to nearby working-outers; if you see them cringe and reach for their cell phone to prepare to dial emergency for you as you’re heading toward a certain piece of equipment, better ask for some assistance.

Mind your Manners! By Jody Goldenfield

Mind Your Manners…in the Gym!

We all know that the start of a new year means New Year’s Resolutions. A very large percentage of people vow to lose weight as part of that resolution for the new year. Many of these people will join a gym to assist them in their efforts to lose weight. There are standard rules in a gym that you should follow along with some “unwritten” rules of gym manners.

1. Do NOT stay on the cardio equipment longer than the posted time limit during peak gym hours. I get it! 20 minutes on a piece of cardio equipment is like a warm up to many. If the gym is crowded, you can either get off and get back in line OR go do some weights and/or core work and then go back for more cardio. I opt for # 2 to keep your body moving and making better use of your time. This applies for weights too. Do not monopolize machines or weights during peak hours. Offer to let people work in!

2. Please do not talk on your cell phone while doing your cardio or weights. Yes, absolutely there are emergencies, however to talk just to talk and in a loud voice is rude. In addition, if you are easily chatting away and working out at the same time, that means that you are not working out hard enough. Put down the phone until you are done.

3. If you are not coming from work or some other destination, please do not wear perfume or cologne. Deodorant is enough. Perfumes and cologne scents will be intensified with sweating and can make those around you feel ill.

4. Locker room thoughts: Please respect personal space! The best advice is NOT to talk to people unless they have on a robe or clothes while they are getting cleaned up.

5. Please respect others right to work out. I understand that you may want to ask a fellow exerciser advice on form, etc. However, it is most appropriate to ALWAYS wait until the person is finished with their set or exercise. Ask them if it is alright to ask a few questions. People want to focus on their workout while they are at the gym. Like many, they have only a specified amount of time to get it done.

Written by Jody Goldenfield. I love weight lifting and am a health, fitness & workout enthusiast for over 30+years. At just short of 55, I am making sure I stay fit & healthy long term! I am also a FitFluential Ambassador. You can follow me at my blog Truth2BeingFit,  Twitter @truth2beingfit, Facebook, Pinterest at Truth2BeingFit, and Instagram at Truth2beingfit.