May 22, 2024

“I don’t have time!” By Nicole Burley

I-Don’t-Have-Time-For-Lunch Excuse Busters!

“I’m too busy to stop for lunch!”

“I don’t have time to eat something healthy.”

“Life gets so crazy, I just forget to eat!”

Skipping meals is not healthy! If you have ever uttered any of these words, I’m here to beg and plead with you to make a change.

I promise you – one of the most important things you can do for your health, your moods, your energy levels – and your waistline – is to eat meals on a regular schedule.

I know what you’re thinking, “but I don’t have a regular schedule!”  Your body doesn’t care! Your body really likes a predictable routine – even if YOU don’t, or even if your life is not set up that way.

Here are some mega-simple strategies for making sure that you are never left in the lurch – or without lunch!

1. Lunch doesn’t have to be a full, sit-down affair with 3 courses. If you are constantly on-the-go, lunch can consist of a handful of nuts, a healthy snack bar, or a piece of fruit. The goal is to simply put SOMETHING in your body so that you have some fuel and nourishment every few hours.

2. A teensy bit of planning can go a long way. Could you find 10-minutes once a week to stash healthy snacks in your office, in your car, and in your bag? This way, you’ll never be left without an option.

3. If you have time to go to the bathroom, you have time to eat something. Think about it. If it was urgent, you would make the time to use the facilities! I encourage you to consider it just as urgent that you fuel your body throughout the day. 5-minutes is all it takes!

Nicole Burley, M.Ed is a certified Life Coach and Health Coach with a private practice in NYC. She is the creator of the Healthy Habits Coaching Club – a warm and upbeat online membership community designed to help you stay healthy, stay motivated – and quit dieting. For more information visit and


Are you on the Party-Circuit?

Party Healthy Eating Check-List

Going to a holiday party? You enter the party and come to a huge table with lovely nutritional choices, as well as some not-so-nutritional choices. What do you do? It really is easy to choose foods that will support your healthy living goals! Forego the standard chips and heavy dip, cookies and candies in favor of these expert recommended figure-friendly healthy and flavorful foods. Check out these recommendations by Keri Gans, MS, RD, CDN.  Next time you find yourself standing at a party table crowded with a variety of food choices, you’ll be prepared and empowered with your healthy go-to expert list.

Healthy Holiday-Party Choices:

Shrimp cocktail
Hummus & raw veggies
Cheese. Stick to serving size of 4 playing dice. Enjoy with whole grain crackers
Nuts. (Again watch serving size — no more than 1ounce = a shot glass)
Smoked salmon on cucumber squares
Tuna tartar with avocado
California roll
Chicken skewers

Be mindful to still limit portions of above — because even though healthy choices — if all is consumed at once, the calories will add up.

Keri Gans, MS, RD, CDN, Nutritionist in Private Practice in NYC, Media Spokesperson and Author of The Small Change Diet (Gallery, March 2011) For more information, Follow Keri on Twitter @kerigans and join her Facebook community via