May 25, 2024

Exercise Gear Matters

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Wear Proper Exercise Gear!

It’s true that often the top, most expensive, new, latest and greatest exercise gear is not urgently required for workouts. However, appropriate and proper gear is! And shoes is where most exercisers miss the mark. For example, wearing flip flops on the treadmill may not be the safest approach. (Yes, this really happens!) Or wearing jeans or work pants for an outdoor boot camp style workout will slow your fitness. (Yes, people do this!)  Ask yourself a few questions to determine proper exercise gear for your workout:

Is it outdoors or indoors? Dressing in layers, appropriate for the expected climate, which means you should be aware of forecast conditions! Outdoor workouts may also require shoes to provide traction. Sunblock, hat and sunglasses versus no need.

On what surface does the workout take place? If the workout occurs on sand, dirt or gravel trail or grass, your gear will vary. High socks versus low socks that allow pebbles into your shoes. Pants versus shorts in the event of a fall.

Is the workout high-impact, low-impact or non-impact? The mode of exercise will call for different foot and ankle support and cushion. High impact and high-intensity may require different hydration and caloric needs than to which you’re accustomed.

Does the workout require quick pick-ups, rapid change in direction or moving quickly from one exercise to the other? Shoes that support quick change in direction, but that are light-weight will be important. Wearing clothes that allow you to move easily will help.

Know what the workout entails AHEAD OF TIME. When in doubt, ask the instructor!


Your Body, Exercise and the Gym by Brett Klika, C.S.C.S.

Are you busy?  Do work, kids, and other life commitment prevent you from getting to the gym? You’re not alone. The good news is, man (and woman) didn’t have gyms and their sacred equipment for thousands of years and they managed to get in great shape.

We are surrounded with thousands of opportunities to exercise and move whether we are at home, at a park, or anywhere else life may take us.  Using only the most premium piece of exercise equipment ever created (our body-weight) we can get stronger, more fit, and energize our life.

Here are some whole-body exercises you can use right at home to create a leaner and happier you! Click on the exercise and you’ll find a YouTube video demonstrating each exercise.

1.  The Crab Crawl
This exercise is great for the triceps, shoulders, upper back, glutes, hamstrings, and lower back.  Try doing three sets of three movements in each direction.

2.  Around the World Push-Ups
This exercise helps strengthen the muscles of the chest, shoulders, triceps, and core.  Try doing a total of 10 push-ups.

3.  The Hungry Tiger
If you want strong hips, shoulders, triceps, and core, all while getting an aerobic workout the Hungry Tiger is an exercise you can do anywhere!  Try to complete three rotations clockwise around an open space, then three rotations counter clockwise.

4.  Get Ups
Getting up of the ground sounds like the most basic of human movements.  However, as your flexibility, strength, and mobility are challenged in this unique coordination intensive exercise you’ll burn calories and have a great time doing it. Try doing 10 each leg or 20 alternating.

5.  1-Legged Airplane
Want to challenge your balance while you build strong, lean, flexible hips and thighs?  1-Legged Airplanes can do the trick with no equipment needed!

To put together a fat burning workout using all five exercises right in your living room either do the recommended reps or time each exercise for 30-40 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between
Do the entire circuit 4 times.

Yes, you can get fit wherever you are!

Brett Klika C.S.C.S., author of “The Underground Workout Manual- Exercise and Fat Loss in the Real World” ( is a world- renowned human performance specialist, motivational speaker, author, and educator. He uses this knowledge and experience to motivate individuals and audiences around the world through his writing, speaking, DVD’s, and free blog,