April 14, 2024

Take a Fitness Break

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Fitness Breaks!

Whenever you’re out and about or working on a project at home, add in fitness breaks! Anything goes as long as you’re moving your body for 10 minutes… and having fun! Fitness breaks are limited only by your imagination.



Get Fit Quick Tip:

Participate in a Race!

Competition doesn’t always have to be intense, anxiety-inducing and stressful. Racing can, in fact, be motivating, inspiring and fun! Not only does racing yield physical benefits, but many non-physical benefits as well. Here are 3 non-physical benefits of racing and why you shouldn’t automatically rule it out in your athletic journey:

Racing allows time alone with your thoughts. That’s right, if you’re always running here and there, racing allows a set period of time to RELAX, take in the view and gather your thoughts. Or simply blank your mind and don’t think about anything at all!

Racing can be FUN. Remember your care-free days of dashing around the playground at school, or racing through the park with friends? Unless you’re competing for sponsors or qualifications, racing can be pure, easy, adult-allowed FUN.

Racing feeds your spirit. Yes, competition is a great workout. However, racing will also feed your spirit as you witness the friendship among athletes who have just met, the encouragement one athlete offers to another, the support and genuine care volunteers give to competitors. Allow these actions to move you and feed your motivation.

Celebrate YOUR Fitness!

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Celebrate YOUR fitness!

All the early morning workouts, the lunch time exercise, the weekend classes, packing your gym bag, planning healthy meals, filling your water bottles, and so on. You’ve worked hard for your fitness, celebrate your efforts! Recognize your progress no matter how far you’ve come OR how far you still plan to go. Your commitment is important, and you never know who you are inspiring. Celebrate your fitness by:

Pay it forward. Know a fellow exerciser who is struggling with exercise motivation? Reach out an offer a few encouraging words, a text, an email, a phone call or simply a smile.

Say Thank You. Say thank you to those who have helped your fitness journey.

Acknowledge your progress. Pull out your old workout logs for visual reinforcement of your progress. Pull out old race photos and relive your most fun fitness day.

Set a Healthy Tone to your Week

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Get Motivated! By Zachary Fiorido

How can I motivate to do cardio?

Have a plan. The first thing to do to get motivated is to have a plan. Most people lose motivation because they think of a couple exercise routines or programs that they need to do but then they start to lose track of the next steps to take due to lack of planning.

Write it down. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and brainstorm. Write down all your fitness goals, aspirations and any little thing that triggers something within you.  Once you have finished this brainstorming, keep it in a safe place and refer back to it when you have run out things to do to keep moving forward.

Break down your goals. Create small, attainable goals that will help set you up for success. Instead of saying you want to lose 30lbs, start with 5lbs. That way when you have reached your 5lb weight loss you are able to celebrate your success. The more goals you achieve the more successes you will have.

Have a motivation back-up. We all have days where we have no motivation to do anything. When this happens, I have a go-to music playlist. I have all my positive songs that put me in a fantastic mood where I can do anything. It could also be a book, or one of your favorite quotes. Whatever it is, know that this is your go-to source for motivation.

Zachary Fiorido is your go to Fitness Guy. I am Personal Trainer and Film/TV Actor. I want to help you achieve your goals! Please don’t hesitate to message me through Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/ZacharyJFiorido