May 24, 2024

Feel-Good Leg Stretch

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Standing Hamstring Stretch

Do this feel-good leg stretch after your next walking or running workout. Here’s how:

Begin standing straight facing a step, chair or railing. Lift up your right leg and place on object. Keeping your back straight, bend forward from your hips feeling a gentle stretch in the back of your right leg. Hold for 10-30 seconds, then release. Repeat the stretch with your left leg up. Bend forward slightly and hold for 10-30 seconds. Release.


*This stretch is for those without injury or balance concerns.

Ease Neck Tension

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Ear to Shoulder Stretch!

Ease neck and shoulder tension with this simple stretch. Begin standing. Lace your fingers behind your body with both arms straight. Inhale and pull both shoulders down and back. Exhale and gently drop your right ear toward your right shoulder. Inhale and return your starting position. Exhale and gently drop your left ear toward your left shoulder. Exhale, and return to your starting position. Hold each position for 10-30 seconds. Never stretch into pain or discomfort.


*Consult your physician before performing exercise.