May 23, 2024

Ease Low Back Soreness

Fit Body:

Standing Low Back Stretch

Ease low back soreness that comes from sitting for too long. Take a break, stand up and do this low back stretch. Bend forward placing your hands on your knees. Keep your weight centered. Tuck your chin into your chest, inhale and round your back. Next, exhale, lift your head and arch your back. Perform 3-5 repetitions moving at your regular breathing rate.


*Consult your physician before performing stretch.


One Stretch to Relaxed

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Seated Low Back Stretch

Transition from work time to relaxation time with this Seated Low Back/Hamstring Stretch. Begin seated, then cross your right ankle over your left. Keeping your knees straight, tuck your chin into your chest and slowly walk your hands down your legs toward your ankles. Hold for 1-3 deep breaths, then release. Next, cross your left ankle over your right and walk your hands out toward your ankles. Hold for one breath, then release.

*Consult your physician before performing exercise.

Do this End-of-Workout Stretch

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Corner Chest and Arm Stretch.

Do this feel-good stretch at the end of your workout.

Stand facing a corner. Place both hands on the wall about 10 inches off the side of your body. Step forward into the corner feeling a stretch across your chest, front shoulders and arms.


*Consult your physician before beginning exercise.


Relax with this Stretch

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Cat Back Stretch!

At the end of a long day, do this stretch to relax your muscles, and your mind. Here’s how:

Begin on the floor, on your hands and knees. Inhale, pull your belly button up and round your back. Exhale, and return to your starting neutral spine position. Repeat two to three times allowing your breathing rate to determine your stretching pace.



*Consult your physician before performing exercise.