October 1, 2020

Are You Appropriate for Your Exercise?

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Be Appropriate!

A component of long term, sustainable, effective exercise means being prepared and appropriate for your workout. Have full knowledge of what’s required from a physical perspective is obviously important for injury prevention, but so is having appropriate gear and clothing from a safety perspective.

Being prepared with appropriate gear, clothing and equipment for your specific exercise mode is key for effectiveness, and for your safety:

Shoes. Does your specific mode of exercise require a specific type of shoes? If you’re unsure, find out. Appropriate foot wear is essential to logging an injury-free workout.

Clothing. Prevent over-heating, chill, or clothing becoming lodged in equipment by knowing what attire is recommended. Ask for details of  appropriate attire for your activity.

Fitness prerequisite. What fitness level is required or recommended for your desired activity? Don’t be a liability for fellow exercisers by attempting a workout that is out of your ability.



Can-Do Fitness Approach

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Take a Can-Do Approach

Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, approach your wellness plan from what you CAN do. Focus on the positive, and that’s where your mind will lead you. For example:

One at a time. If you’re not convinced you can eliminate junk food all together, start by eliminating one junk food meal each week.

Focus on the present. It’s a wonderful accomplishment that you were a collegiate athlete, however where is your fitness now? Focus on your current fitness base and build from there.

Increase in small steps. Building fitness too fast, too soon is a common mistake of those new to exercise. Build your fitness in small steps to allow your body to adapt to your goal. Each small step mastered will increase confidence and therefore motivation.



Pick It Up!

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Pick It Up!

…your exercise intensity, that is! Increase the intensity of your cardio for more of a challenge.

Here’s how to increase your exercise intensity for more of a cardiovascular challenge: (Always consult your physician before beginning exercise.)

Add in 10 second- 2 minute sprints to your cardio workout.

Add in plyometrics or full body body-weight exercises.

Vary the terrain. Hit the stairs, trails or stadiums for a high intensity challenge.

Reduce rest time in between sprint cardiovascular intervals.

Your healthiest year yet… By Nicole Bryan

Make 2016 your healthiest year yet…
Here’s how to do it:

Adapt a current mindset. While you may have had a traumatizing dodge ball experience in junior high, ask yourself how that is relevant to your current state of fitness? Life is full of experiences, good and not so good. You can see the experience as a blockade or obstacle or as a stepping stone. Ask yourself, are you ready to let go of old unpleasant experiences regarding your health and fitness? If not, what do you need to move forward? Consider consulting a counselor if you’re unsure, joining a club or team for support, or enlisting the aid of a Fitness Professional. Being mentally and emotionally prepared for change is the first step of getting healthy. Physical fitness is merely one aspect of total health. Mental and emotional health and well-being are just as important.

Get a tune up. Just as your car needs a tune up every once in a while, so does your body and overall health. So if you haven’t had blood work done in a few years, do it now. If you have skipped the last few age recommended test, schedule them now. Suffering from aches and pains, irritations, concerns? Go see your doctor and check them off your list. The sooner you deal with whatever is nagging you, the sooner you’ll be on to your healthiest and most fit self.

De-clutter your health-related life. Clear out everything from your toothbrush to old sunscreens to old make-up. Donate your old fitness clothes that are tattered and torn. Spruce up your bedroom (replace old pillows) for a better night sleep. Clean out your fridge and stock with water and healthy foods. If you have old exercise or fitness equipment, for example exercise bands that have been sitting around, a treadmill that isn’t working properly, a stability ball that’s been rolling around the backyard, donate the item, recycle or toss it in the trash. Take this time to inject some fresh energy and clean air into your healthy living.

Stay relevant. Just as there have been advances in the fields of space discovery and engineering, there have been advances in the health and fitness fields as well. Pick one journal to subscribe to (many are free) online to stay up to date on new ideas and practices. Add in a few health websites to your current internet surfing favorites such as www.nih.gov and www.mayoclinic.com. Both are reliable sources of information.

Fitness is merely one aspect of overall health. Take a well-rounded, big picture approach to your healthy living for lasting results and benefits to make 2016 your healthiest year yet!

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Considering an Exercise Class? By Jennifer Austin

Thinking of joining a class at the gym? Here are a few tips to get you started safely.

Know the class description. Most gyms offer a class schedule (either online or via hard copy) along with a brief description. Still unsure, ask a staff member for more information or do a little google search for more information. Walking into a class that you don’t know about is simply careless.

Be realistic in your fitness ability. Know your capability, what you want to accomplish and know your strengths and weaknesses in the exercise world. We don’t gain our goal fitness in a single workout or single day. If upon reading the class schedule, something interests you, but seems like a stretch in your fitness consider adding it to your three or six month fitness goal list.

Know the fitness that is required. In the schedule, you’ll find a degree of difficulty, beginner, intermediate or advanced. There is a reason for the listing!

Get proper guidance, instruction or set-up. If you’re joining a class that includes equipment or gear, make sure you know how to properly use the equipment. For example, if you’re trying a spin class for the first time, ask the instructor for a set-up. If you’re joining a boot camp class for the first time, ask the instructor for guidance how to perform the exercises.

Be prepared. Knowing what the class entails, also means showing up prepared. In most cases, being prepared means being hydrated prior to the class, having eaten prior to the exercise if that is what you usually do, wearing proper clothing (breathable, clothes you can move in), wearing proper footwear for the activity, bringing a water bottle, bringing a towel, turning your cell phone off during the class,

Pace yourself. Your goal during the first class is to be an active observer. Do the moves if they feel comfortable, but mostly observe to get an idea of the flow and intensity of the class.

Give it a few chances. If the first class doesn’t go as well as you expected, try again! If the second class doesn’t go as well as expected, but you find you do enjoy the style of workout, try a different instructor. Every instructor has a different teaching style, personality and instruction back-ground. It would be a shame to not pursue an interest, on account of not enjoying the instructor’s style.

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Need a little inspiration? By Jennifer Austin

If the hustle and bustle of the season has taken your energy, time to reset with a motivation boost. Let others inspire you with their words.

“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.” -Henry Ford. Do you really want to get fit? Getting healthy and fit is not easy. It takes effort, commitment and dedication. It’s really up to each individual how hard he is willing to work. Fitting in exercise may mean getting up earlier, staying up later, paying attention to pre and post workout food and hydration. Be honest with yourself about the requirements of living healthy.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” -Theodore Roosevelt. Ultimately the choice is yours. You’re the one who has to take the next step on a run, who has to log those extra five minutes on the stair climber, and put forth the effort to complete your last chest press set. A common mistake is promising to get fit to please others. In the beginning, motivation will come easy. However, when workouts get tough one only person can make it happen, you. Work on your mind and your body will follow.

“When you are good to others, you are best to yourself.” -Benjamin Franklin. We’re all in this together. Balancing work life, family life, personal life and many other obligations and responsibilities. It seems the pace of our world continues to get faster and faster. A little kindness and support goes a long way. Letting a fellow exerciser work in a set, handing them a mat when you can see they’re struggling to reach it or offering to help spot their exercise helps us all reach our health and fitness goals. And the bottom line is, exercise is more fun and interesting if it involves smiles and light conversation, instead of frowning and rude comments.

“Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second.” -William James. There really and truly is a special quality in each of us that will kick in when we want to accomplish a goal badly enough. It’s the, I will not give up thoughts. Sometimes we don’t even define it as such, but it is there and it propels us forward. This is the quality, for example, when we never give up trying to teach our children to read. Just because they don’t get the words right at first doesn’t mean we toss the book over our shoulder and say forget about it! Transferring these qualities of patience and perseverance to our own health quest is what translates into results. Results mean pushing through and powering on. Don’t let yourself off that easy, work hard!

Lean on words of others to regain your inspiration. Print out their words or put them into your phone. Look at them often, memorize them as a mantra, do whatever it takes to continue your journey to healthy living. It’s worth it.

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