May 28, 2024


Get Fit Quick Tip:


Add sprint intervals into your walking, jogging or running workout.

Find a 50-100 yard path that allows you to perform regular timed sprint repeats. After a sufficient warm up of 8-10 minutes, sprint your time trial for a base interval. Repeat the intervals as long as you can log a decreased time each one. All-out intervals challenge your cardiovascular system, and your muscles, all in one time-efficient workout. Perform your sprint workout once each week to allow recovery of your muscles. This workout is for intermediate/advanced exercise without injury concerns.


*Consult your physician before performing exercise.

Group Motivation Solution

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Join a Group!

Is your exercise motivation lacking? Join an exercise group! The energy of a group is contagious:

A group will challenge you to try new exercises.

A group will feed your enthusiasm and drive to log a maximum-effort workout.

A group will renew your commitment to exercise because you’ll hear of others reaching goals.

A group will energize your dedication if you engage in friendly competition with other participants.




FUN Fitness!

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Find the FUN!

Having fun with your fitness, means you’ll want to workout! A consistent workout is where results happen. Let loose, explore and experiment, be open to not exactly knowing what comes next. Here’s how to have fun with your fitness:

Be vulnerable. Take a chance on a workout, where you don’t know exactly how it will go. Do something different!

Be a beginner. Not all workouts need to be about 100% mastery the first time. Try something new!

Abandon structure. Play, run, jump, skip, dance!



Ask for Accountability in your Fitness

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Ask for Accountability!

Find a workout partner or exercise group to hold you accountable to your fitness. Simply knowing you have to report your progress, means you’re less likely to skip a workout. Here’s how to start:


Talk to your friends, coworkers or family. Ask if they have fitness goals. If so, ask how they stay on track.

Ask for what you need. What exactly are you asking of them? Be specific.

Define your terms. Be clear how you’ll communicate progress, how often and what the ramifications are for falling short.

Follow through. Stick to your agreed upon plan.


Unstructured Exercise Counts!

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Abandon your structure!

Not all exercise has to be structured to count. Making fitness fun is a great motivational tool to keep exercise consistency up. Start thinking out of the box for ways to be creative with your fitness. Here’s a few to get you started:

Be spontaneous. Meeting cancelled last minute? Go for a walk. An extra hour on your hands? Bike to a friends house. At a concert? Get up and dance!

Add the play. Did you play a sport or game as a kid? Play as an adult!

Incorporate props. Try a stability ball, stability disk, foam roller, medicine ball or pilates disk. Experiment with different exercises to keep fitness interest high.

Mix in adventure. Try your local climbing gym. Jump in your community pool. Check out the local hiking trails. Take a kayaking or paddling lesson.


Commit to your Fitness!

Commit to your fitness each week by joining #HealthyWayMag Fitness Chat every Monday at 5pmP/8pmE On Twitter!

A journey to fitness will take dedication, commitment and resolve. However, you will never regret your effort. You’ll look better, feel better and function better through your daily activities. You’ll be able to lift, carry and have the energy to accomplish whatever the day brings. So if you’ve had any doubt about getting fit and healthy, don’t! Every workout, set and rep IS worth your time and effort.

Recommit to your fitness every Monday at #HealthyWayMag Fitness Chat!


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Enter #HealthyWayMag to follow the chat feed.

Participate by offering your answers to the questions posed for conversation. Question 1 noted as “Q1″, provide your Answer 1, noted as “A1.” Tagging your answers with #HealthyWayMag allows everyone to interact together.

Chat with others, pick up fitness tips, have fun!


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What’s your Vision?

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Create a Vision Board

A vision board, simply put, is a visual reminder of your health and fitness goals. It highlights words that empower you, pictures that motivate you, and scenarios that inspire you. Draw, write, color, paste pictures, tape magazine clips, or use whatever materials trigger the feeling in you of why these goals are important. Here’s how to get started:

Use poster board, construction paper or notebook paper.

Include whatever images and/or words that resonate with you.

Make your vision board as simple or elaborate as you wish.

Place your board where you’ll see it daily.



Get Motivated by Voluteering

Get Fit Quick Tip:


What’s one sure fire way to ramp up your workout motivation instantly? Volunteer at a local athletic event or race. As each athlete passes, you’ll be inspired to reach your own fitness goals. Get motivated by giving back to your community where you train and race.

Here’s how to get started:

Research. Look in your local newspaper for a listing of events or do a simple online search of your community events. You’ll truly find a volunteer niche for everyone from walking, running, cycling, track competitions, weight lifting events, swimming, triathlon, and many supporting many charitable organizations.

Reach out. Call or email the event director or volunteer contact and ask where you may be most helpful. So many volunteer duties exist from a few days prior to the event to the event day itself such as from working the check-in tables, timing,  manning a water stop, to crowd control at the finish line.

Invite friends to join you. Send out a quick email or group text with time, day and details encouraging others to join in.

Be cheerful. Athlete volunteers have an extra special understanding of the details needed for competition. You’ll be able to make the athlete’s experience extra special by anticipating what they need, when they need assistance and how they need your support. Draw from your athletic experience and pay it forward.






Put the Fun back in your Fitness by Tanja Djelevic

Finding an activity that you think is FUN will help you stay motivated with your workout. Here are a few suggestions…

Join a Group! Take a new CLASS that will challenge you physically as well as force you to move out of your shell! Any dance class is sure to do the trick! Check out for example, African dance, ballroom or salsa dance class! Bring your best friend to double the fun – definitely a great setup for a few laughs!

MUSIC! Load up your MP3 player with songs that are connected with great, fun memories, and krank up energy during your run or weight workout! Try a theme playlist, for example a playlist of 80s favorites like WHAM, Spandau Ballet and Depeche Mode! For a great interval weight workout, do 2-minute dance intervals to the tunes of your favorite music.

Pick a childhood GAME and play it with your friends! Think hopscotch, tag, jump rope, hula hoop, kickball, Marco Polo (if you are in the pool), or anything else you enjoyed as a child. For example, try the childhood schoolyard game known as Twist. There are ten different ways to jump over a long rubber band, and whoever jumps the highest wins.

Add in a little friendly competition. SIGN UP for a Mud Run or Warrior Dash race with a group of your friends. These races are often short and attract all sorts of people who want to have fun and be challenged. Dress in outfits or costumes, or form a team choose a team name and get matching shirts printed. Then get out there and get dirty together!

By Tanja Djelevic. Tanja holds a Masters Degree in Psychology, specializing in Stress Management Therapy and Behavioral Life Coaching. She is a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) and has fitness certifications from Reebok, AFAA, ACE, Powerhouse Pilates and C.H.E.K Institute. Tanja’s workouts are known throughout Los Angeles as energetic and inspirational. She has worked with a myriad of celebrity clientele including Matt Dillon, Pink and Rachel Weisz.  Connect with Tanja at